EmOcean Healing Arts - Massage * Yoga * Ayurveda
I am a Child of the Earth,
A Woman of the Ocean.
Step into my world,
A world filled with EmOcean,
I see so much beauty
staring back at me,
As I look at the endless colors
dancing on the sea,
An Ocean of possibility,
A sea of Tranquility.
I know that with each new path
I walk, and with each
new journey I start,
I am always creating
Art From the Heart...
"Where'd she get her Art from the Heart from?"
"She gets it from her Mama, and Grand mama!"
My mom Judy is an amazing mosaic artist
and creative spirit! 
You can view her work at
My Spiritual Guide, My Inspiration,
My favorite Oil Painter and My First Art Teacher
Mrs. Claire Louise,
My Grandmother (My Nana)
I paint for  her,
for her spirit,
because her spirit flows through me
like the ocean,
up and down
back and forth,
inside out
and upside down,
this queen always wore her crown,
she could make the world smile,
she could make the world laugh,
she could paint and create beauty 
with her bright energy,
she was a friend to the world,
she was everything that I want to be
and she saw it all within me, unconditionally.
She was Claire Louise to many,
but Nana to me..
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