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Massage & Yoga Therapy
on the beach & in the water, 
in your home, hotel, villa or yacht!!!

New Watsu Video
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WATSU: Water Shiatsu Massage in the Caribbean Sea
Experience floating massage in the ocean or pool. Water Shiatsu massage or WATSU is combining ancient wisdom with the healing power of the Ocean. This healing aquatic therapy is for chronic pain relie...
Mermaid Massage (Watsu) in the Ocean or the pool
Watsu combines shiatsu massage with yoga stretches in the water to create the most relaxing experience you can have in the Caribbean!
30 mins $75     1 hour $150    90 mins    $175

"I enjoyed my water massage so much! It was like nothing I've ever experienced before! Regular massage is relaxing, but water massage is positively surreal. Thank you so much for introducing me to the amazing healing power of water massage!" Melanie

Mermaid Magic Session
Combines the deep pressure of thai yoga massage and the soothing relaxing buoyancy of watsu for a unique offering of ultimate relaxation.
1hour thai yoga massage and 30 mins Watsu  for $200


Please visit www.watsu.com for more details on this unique healing modality!

What to expect from your watsu experience, please read

"I went on vacation with a goal to decompress from the busyness and poor management of stress in life. I planned on getting a massage and was grateful to have the option of a Watsu massage. I am a physical therapist and Watsu is something that we can do but it takes specialized training in which I am not trained. I was excited to finally experience Watsu massage and I fully immersed myself in the experience. We completed the session in my resort pool under a tunnel waterfall. (Elysian) I was surprised at how much I had to place my trust in her as she supported me in the water with the help of a few floatation rings under my knees. I felt like I was in good hands and she consistently supported me. As instructed, I closed my eyes and let myself become weightless, used deep diaphragmatic breaths with each exhalation centering me to the medium of the water. She skillfully moved my body parts in oscillatory wavelike motions mixed with pressure point application and occasional gentle stretching maneuvers. Everything felt divine and after completed, I felt invigoratingly relaxed both mentally and physically. Several layers of tension were stripped off me and I was taken back to baseline. I realized that I could actually focus on one thought at a time instead of spontaneously jumping from one thought to another failing to carry through an entire thought. For the next two to three days which included travel, I felt calm. That was the best I have felt after a professional type of massage. Elise is kind, professional and obviously well trained and gifted in the Watsu massage. The only regret was to have had the Watsu massage done on the first day or two of my vacation." Biana

Releasing trauma through the healing waters and watsu, please read


Thai Yoga Massage Therapy is a unique style of massage that can be done on the beach, on your balcony, in your hotel or home. The client is fully clothed so they feel very comfortable.  I assist them by stretching their bodies and applying pressure with my hands, knees, elbows and feet to release stagnant energy through the marmas (energy centers) of the body, and help to restore them to a balanced and relaxed state of being. 
1 hour session $150, 1 hour and 30 min session $175,  2 hours  $200,  Table Thai add $25
"Unbelievable moonlight massage! Phenomenal therapist- very talented + knowledgeable!" Kay
"Had a heart opening session with Elise. Comforting and enlightening. She helped me learn the art of balance." Kristin

"Thai Yoga Massage at Sapphire beach + gentle sounds of nature + cool island breezes+ delicious custom aromatherapy blends= Paradise, Peace and Healing. Elise is the best! Your body, mind and SPIRIT will be blessed. :-)" Shree

Ayurvedic Massage (Abhyanga) Oil Therapy
Tandem or Single Therapist on St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix
This ancient technique of doshic specific oil therapy balances the system by helping the body detox through the lymphatic system, balances digestion, and the nervous system and will leave your skin looking young and glowing.
Single Therapist 1hour and 20 mins  $150, Tandem (2) therapists 1 hour $200
Add aromatherapy for $25 add Crystal Healing $25

3 day Weightloss and Detox Program
3 consecutive days of Abhyanga to assist the body with detoxing 
and elimination through the lymph glands.
Ask about a custom weightloss and detox package pricing with Ionic foot detox!

Ayurvedic Massage oils to balance your dosha & used in your massage.
Relax in the Caribbean breeze as essential oils fill the air and relax the body.  This new line of Ayurvedic Self Massage oils are designed for your dosha and help to balance the emotions.  They are available for purchase to continue to practice self massage morning and night!
Vata Dosha - Balancing Air & Ether - Frankincense, Sesame, Almond- grounding & soothing for anxiety & insomnia $20 
Pitta Dosha - Balancing Fire & Water - Lavender, Chamomile, Coconut & Almond -cooling and calming for anger & frustration $20
Kapha Dosha - Balancing Earth & Water - Lemongrass, Rosemary, Eucalyptus- invigorating & uplifting  for fatigue & depression $20
Tri - Doshic Blend of all 3 doshas - $50

Ayurvedic Natural Aura -Insect Repellent
 Oil or Water base $20 each
oil base- Jojoba, Sesame, Coconut, Citronella, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, Lavender
water base- same essential oils, witch hazel and water

Ayurveda is the oldest form of Natural Healing. 
It is known as the science of life and has been practiced for over 5000 years.
Learn more about how Ayurveda Yoga Therapy can bring you back to your natural state of balance by clicking on the link above "What is Ayurveda".

Ayurveda Yoga Therapy session includes a reading of your body's dosha -Vata-Pitta-Kapha, the body's balanced state and the imbalances that occur from stress, poor diet, and emotional and physical pain.  After determining your bodies needs a specialized yoga asana session, breathing exercises and meditation sequence is designed for your specific body type to restore your balance. For example, a person that may be tired and sluggish may need a faster paced session to give them more energy.  A person who has a lot of natural energy will need a more slow and relaxing class to restore their body's natural balance.  Multiple session packages are also available!
Dosha Reading $75
1 hour session $125, 1hour and 30 min session $150,  2 hours $175     2.5 hours $200
 "I had an amazing yoga/ayurveda session with Elise! I highly recommend spending time with this beautiful and wise soul! I will be back:)" Lindsey

 Specialty Yoga classes
on the beach and in the water,
for large groups, friends, family and wedding parties in the Virgin Islands
Ying Yang Yoga is a a special class designed for partner's, couples and friends to connect their energy and help each other with deep stretches and deep relaxation.  
Private session 1hour $125 per couple  group rate $20 per person 
Great for couples, partners, friends, teens,
birthdays, weddings and special events!

Aqua Yoga is an amazing experience of practicing yoga on the beach and in the water.  A beautiful way to connect with the elements of nature! 
Pool sessions also available.
1 hour private $125   group session $20 per person   
  "Aqua yoga was one of my best yoga experiences. Thanks Elise." Brandi

Yoga under the Stars is a unique class offered outside at night under the moon and stars in the beauty of nature.  Feel the breeze as you look up to the sky to realize your own infinite healing potential!
1 hour private $125       group session $20 per person"

"Yoga under the stars class was simply amazing. Surrounded by the ocean, sound of waves crashing, cool breeze washing over us, beautiful stars overhead , full moon to light the night and an instructor who beams peace, tranquility, and love from every pour. Truly focused on healing the mind, body and soul, she is not only a teacher but an inspiration. As a beginner i was walked through poses and given modifications for my injuries where appropriate, encouraged and inspired in each stretch or strength move. I have been to yoga class before, this class was nothing like previous experiences, it was therapy for mind and body, now i understand why people love yoga so much! Thanks Elise for a great class!" Lori

Karma Yoga under the Stars at Sapphire Beach on the point by appointment
 "Karma Yoga truly brought a sense of peace and tranquility in me. Thank you Elise for such wonderful class! Can't wait for our next class :) " Patricia
Youth Yoga is a fun way to introduce the benefits of yoga to the next generation.  This class includes songs, games and fun animal yoga poses.
40 min session for kids 4-7 years old   $15     
60min 8-12 years old    $20        
90min 13-18 years old  $25 per child, sibling discounts available

Special Packages from EmOcean Healing Arts
Daily Yoga Retreats
in the Virgin Islands and beyond....

SeaShell Spa Session
Enjoy your day on the water on a charter yacht
as you Island hop to wellness
*Thai Yoga Massage on the beach
*Watsu Mermaid Massage in the water
 *Aqua Yoga in the water

Combine your sea day with your spa and wellness day with this amazing session.
Great for large groups, visitors and locals.  Each guest enjoys a custom thai yoga massage at a beach of their choice as the captain docks at each pristine bay. Watsu mermaid massage in the water in the tranquility of the Caribbean sun will have you painting a picture of poetry to describe this unique water healing experience. Then the entire group can do aqua yoga in the ocean and stretch and relax before we sail home in the sunset. Price based on number guests

Ocean of EmOcean Session
Pure Healing of the mental,
physical and emotional  body
*Art from the Heart
*Thai Yoga Massage or
*Watsu Mermaid Massage
*Ayurveda Yoga Therapy

A Holistic Approach to Wellness
This beautiful offering assists the client to understand  how the emotions effect the physical body and helps to release negative emotions and welcome positive emotions with a therapeutic creative expression called "Art from the Heart". Along with your ayurveda yoga therapy session and body work on the beach or in the water, this session helps the client to release the past and visualize the future.

Pure Love Session
Perfect for couples and honeymooners
*Ying Yang Yoga
*Thai Yoga Massage
*Mermaid Massage

Group classes available for wedding parties!
Pure love flowing from the ocean of EmOcean... offering couples a beautiful session to connect mind, body and spirit and to celebrate their love with partner yoga poses and massage on the beach and in the water!

Pure Bliss Session
All Day Retreat

*Individual Dosha reading
*Ayurveda Yoga Therapy
*Aqua Yoga in the Water
*Watsu Mermaid Massage
*Ying Yang Yoga in the Afternoon
*Ayurvedic Lunch picnic
*Thai Yoga Massage on the Beach
*Sunset Yoga Under the Stars

Enjoy your full day of bliss
and create the wellness package to fit your group.
This package includes group yoga classes of your choice, massage therapy of your choice per guest and an ayurvedic meal.  Perfect for Villa guests that have a private pool and kitchen to create a fully exclusive healing retreat.
Half day and full day packages available
and price based on number of guests.

YOGA Retreats
World Wide
YOGA Retreats

Design your own retreat for your group and let me organize and advertise for you!! You just pick the date and location around the world!!

Personal Testimonials from Clients:
"I was everywhere and nowhere all at once...Truly Blissful."
Ariel, Magan's Bay, Virgin Islands
Thai Yoga Massage Therapy..."For me...engaging and invigorating one moment, 
then deeply relaxing and connected the next...truly blissful!!!  
It's like riding that wave of energy where I'm in perfect sync with all there is...
closer to heaven:).  You have that touch Elise,
 and it's a blessing to give that experience to others".
Roopmala Doodnauth, Registered Nurse, Obstetrics, SRMC St. Thomas Virgin Islands
"Thai yoga massage on the soft, white sand at Linquist Beach (Virgin Islands)
 was heaven with the cool tropical breeze and soothing sound of the waves 
as muscles were released and stretched, allowing a deep sense of relaxation..
...The closest to heaven I've ever been on earth".
Eileen Short, Physical Therapist and co-owner of Synergy Fitness and Wellness Center, 
St. Thomas Virgin Islands
"I really loved the interactive nature of thai massage with yoga elements!!! 
My body feels stretched, relaxed, and energized all at once."
Tad Mondale, New Orleans, LA
"It was like arising out of a dream- I feel like a new human being 
and my body feels like I slept on a cloud!  
Thank you so much for helping restore my mind , body and spirit! 
 I am refreshed, relaxed and re-energized!"
Valerie , College Student
"The first step to getting centered again so I can really enjoy this new phase
 and my big adventure. Thanks for reminding me of what I already knew. 
Angel blessings on to you!"
Elizabeth, Northern California
"Elise, I feel calm, at peace, yet energized. My muscles are stretched and so relaxed.Thank you!"
Rhonda Miller, Choreographer, Associate Professor of Dance, Pace University, NYC
"I feel totally awesome! I will definitely repeat the experience with Elise!"
Sha, Virgin Islands, Ayurveda Thai Yoga Therapy
""Her naturally healing presence assists body to ground to earth and lift to light. 
Perfect way to unwind in the Virgin Islands."
Ben Riggin, Northern California
"Breezes, waves, birds, the rich voices of islanders-
 Rosemary, jasmine & lavender scented oils, and the healing touch of hands feet and elbows...
 This massage experience with Elise was one of the most pivotal moments in my journey.
 I understand "letting go" at a much deeper level now. My body feels alive again!"
You may also pre-pay online for your
EmOcean Healing Arts Session
on the beach, in the water, in your home, hotel or yacht. 
 Prices are subject to change and are based upon the number of people in your session.  Gratuity is not included but 20% is greatly appreciated and will be donated to the Wajuukuu Art crew that teaches art and dance to HIV+ youth and family in the slums in Nairobi Kenya.
A non refundable 50% deposit is required to hold your reservation and a 24 hour cancellation policy
is requested to ensure integrity.  
Ask about local and senior discounts!  The Healing intention is always pure
so I am open to discussing other payment or exchange of service options! Namaste!

Ayurveda Yoga Therapy
1 hour and 30 mins
Price: $175.00
Thai Yoga Massage Therapy
1 hour and 30 mins
Price: $175.00
Watsu Mermaid Massage
1 hour underwater massage
Price: $150.00
Mermaid Magic Massage
1 hour Thai Yoga Massage and 30 mins Watsu Mermaid Massage
Price: $200.00
Aqua Yoga
On the beach or pool
Price: $20.00
Ying Yang Yoga
Yoga for Couples, Partners and Friends
Price: $20.00
Seashell Spa Session
Healing sessions island hoping on a yacht, price based on # of persons
Price: $650.00
Ocean of EmOcean Session
Art from the Heart added to your healing experience
Price: $400.00
Pure Love Session
Ying Yang Yoga and thai and watsu combined for a unifying experience
Price: $500.00
Pure Bliss Session
All day retreat
Price: $700.00
Yoga with EmOcean DVD Video
Virgin Islands Caribbean Beach Yoga video with Art from the Heart bonus section. 45 mins.
Price: $25.00
Take a trip to the Caribbean everyday in the privacy of your own home!!!
Some pictures from the Video...
Private sessions available!

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